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SLIMYONIK - pressure wave massage

Six sensational programs for your well-being

Additional support for sports and/or wellness activities

Did you know that 84 percent of fat is exhaled, and 16 percent is excreted in body fluids? An active metabolism and oxygen are required to break down body fat. Because only then the body is able to break down fatty acids and release most of them through breathing.

How does SLIMYONIK work?

Here at Residenz Kubitzer Bodden, you can best achieve this with the help of a pressure wave massage using SLIMYONIK. The body styler device is a kind of pants that you slip into. Its specially coordinated chamber pressure sequences activate the metabolism by using pressure waves to massage your legs, abdomen and hips while lying down.

This means that your body has the decisive prerequisites for optimal fat burning. The body is purified, your skin appears firmer, and weight is reduced. Combined with a change in diet with the help of our healing practice and exercise guided by our sports therapist, this is an effective and supportive way to lose pounds. And not only on vacation, because our RKB healing practice with its offers is open to everyone.

It has been scientifically proven that in addition to appropriate calorie reduction, metabolic activation is also necessary for weight loss. These insights and the resulting treatment methods at our residence facility ensure you have more well-being and lasting satisfaction.

After a lymph pressure wave massage, your body feels incredibly light, your legs are relieved, and you get the impression of floating. This is because the skin is very well supplied with blood after the treatment and feels buttery soft as a result. Since your lymphatic system is stimulated in this way and your metabolism is running at full speed, your body is perfectly able to purify and detoxify. This in turn breaks down fatty tissue and minimizes unwanted cellulite (orange peel skin).

Of course, our SLIMYONIK device also supports you with a pure cellulite treatment, a short lymphatic drainage and various massages, for example after sports or for pure relaxation. Specially developed program sequences and algorithms use your own body counter-pressure to control the respective technical composition of the SLIMYONIK treatment individually for you.

Who is SLIMYONIK suitable for?

The SLIMYONIK concept is particularly suitable for people who move little or sit all day to stimulate their metabolism. It prevents sore muscles and cramps in recreational and competitive athletes. Support for weight reduction is also quickly visible. Furthermore, treatments for cellulite, weak connective tissue, water in the legs and applications to reduce circumference are successful. By stimulating the lymph flow, the massage is also increasingly used to counteract listlessness.

There are some indications where treatment with SLIMYONIK should not be used. In order to rule this out, our cosmetics specialist, in cooperation with the RKB healing practice and you, will carry out a brief anamnesis in advance for clarification.

Your SLIMYONIK programs at the RKB

With the following programs of the SLIMYONIK body styler, you can receive complementary treatments to your sporting and/or wellness activities at the Residenz Kubitzer Bodden in order to enjoy the holistic well-being concept at our facility even more extensively:

- Lymphatic massage (promoting the elimination of waste products)
- Slim and cellulite massage
(circumference reduction, tightening of the connective tissue)
- Cellulite massage (connective tissue strengthening, silhouette strengthening)
- After: lipolysis cavitation (after treatment with low-frequency ultrasound)
- Sports massage (after active exercise)
- Relaxing massage (for relaxation)

How much time do SLIMYONIK treatments take?

Depending on the program used, a SLIMYONIK treatment in our residence facility lasts between 30 and 45 minutes. A treatment can also be enjoyed with us during a cosmetic care or anti-aging offer with music. Lean back and relax while the Body styler device massages you with optimally dosed air pressure!

Already after the first application you will feel noticeable results, you will feel decongested and wonderfully light. The first visible results, such as slimmer legs, appear after about ten applications of the pressure wave massage with the body styler.

Enjoy individual, personally tailored applications for your own body aesthetics and to support your sports workout at the luxury resort Residenz Kubitzer Bodden.

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