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In accordance with our philosophy, we are a child-free luxury resort / residential complex only for adults aged 18 and over.

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Naturopathic Practice

Especially in times far from nature we yearn more and more for a balance to the often stressful and grueling everyday life of modern times. The Kubitzer Bodden residence is the ideal place to restore this vital balance between body, soul and spirit - in harmony with nature.

Naturheilpraxis Rügen

Closeness to nature has a health-promoting effect on mental and emotional health. It reduces the stress level and increases general well-being. Our naturopath Robert Ludwig supports you in all matters relating to physical and mental fitness. It promotes your well-being in a holistic way through proven therapeutic forms of therapy as well as modern physical applications such as cryotherapy, in which warm and cold stimuli have a positive effect on the organism.

„Health so far outweighs all external goods, that a healthy beggars is truly more fortunate than a king in poor health.“
Arthur Schopenhauer

The in-house naturopathic practice of the residence offers you individual treatments on the subject of health, fitness, fasting, nutrition and anti-aging. Cryotherapy is unique in the region. A “bath” in the cold chamber with the aim of increasing energy consumption and burning fat. Special mention should also be made of micronutrient medicine. The Kubitzer Bodden residence offers you vitamin C high-dose and vitamin B complex therapy; Therapies that help to improve your health and performance in many ways. This is how you can find your way back to nature.

„When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new.“
Dalai Lama
Mikronährstoff-Medizin an der Ostsee

Interval fasting

With a stay of 7 days or more you can do your body good at the Kubitzer Bodden residence with various fasting cures. The focus is on intermittent fasting.

Intervallfasten Naturheilpraxis Ostsee

The voluntary renunciation of food for a certain period of time has been used therapeutically since ancient times. Continuous fasting - i.e. the complete renouncement of food for days or weeks - has proven to be effective but not very sustainable. The undesirable side effects of this fasting method, which is stressful for the body, include the loss of important muscle substance and the well-known yo-yo effect. This leads to rapid weight gain after a lengthy reduction diet. With repeated continuous diets, the body weight can move up and down like a yo-yo, whereby the new end weight is often even higher than the original weight.

Interval fasting is different. This form of fasting involves fasting for shorter periods of time. Food is only avoided on a daily or hourly basis. The goal is long-term weight loss. This controlled state of "under-nutrition" does not lead to negative metabolic adaptations. Exercise also inhibits the breakdown of fat-free body substances. Adjusted meals after exercise almost exclusively build up fat-free body measurements. During the fasting period, cryotherapy also stimulates the metabolism.

Micronutrient medicine

Micronutrients - which also include vitamins - are necessary for keeping the body and mind healthy. With the right care, they support well-being and reduce the risk of many diseases. Micronutrient or orthomolecular medicine uses vitamins and minerals, among other things, but also essential fatty acids, secondary plant substances, enzymes and amino acids. The Kubitzer Bodden residence offers you two forms of therapy: vitamin C high-dose therapy and therapy with vitamin B complex. These applications are accompanied by trained therapists

The high dose of vitamin C improves the immune status, strengthens connective tissue, increases stress tolerance, has anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic effects, stimulates the nervous system, improves the detoxification function of the liver and kidneys, increases fat breakdown and muscle build-up, and alleviates serious allergic reactions and their frequency.

The vitamins of the B complex increase the performance of the nervous system, reduce exhaustion, and improve blood formation and thus the oxygen supply. In addition, they have an antidepressant effect, as they promote the production of happiness hormones - for example serotonin. In addition, a vitamin B complex injection can improve the body's detoxification performance. As a result, there is less "slagging".

Your sports therapist

In summer and in good weather, nature is the ideal sports studio. Then your training takes place on the surrounding green areas of the facility. Regardless of whether it is outdoors or indoors: the sports groups at the residence are small so that the training effect is as great as possible. But the selection of training options and equipment is even greater.

Mixed-Card in unserer Naturheilpraxis

Train with a trainer

Book a professional sports therapist for your personal training. On the basis of individualized training units, you train in your fitness studio under the guidance of sports therapy - according to your needs. Your personal sports therapist is at your side at all times when performing individual exercises

Take it sporty

Use special "Hammer Strength Ground Based" fitness equipment to train your entire body with just two highly functional exercises based on the push-pull principle. This so-called anti-glycolytic training system takes place on the basis of bioscientific research.

Heavy workout

A kettlebell - English kettlebell - is a training device for free weight training. In the past, it was also called round weight. The kettlebell allows you to perform special exercises that appeal to a large number of muscle groups at the same time. The round ball workout has an effective effect on the whole body and improves strength and endurance in a relatively short time.

At the cutting edge

Cardiovascular training serves to improve cardiac output and increase lung capacity. You train on and on state-of-the-art cardio equipment, which allows pulse-controlled training in a low-intensity steady state, even with pre-existing conditions. High-intensity interval training is also possible for the ambitious athlete. Basically, cardio training promotes general performance, optimizes hormone levels and accelerates fat loss.

Pressure wave massage with SLIMYONIK

An individual pressure wave massage stimulates the blood circulation in the skin and fatty tissue and gently mobilizes your lymphatic system. The treatments are an excellent match for your fitness program at the residence. The device offers six different programs.

Lymphdrainage mit Slimyonik

Cold therapy - the plus for your body

Cryotherapy is a whole-body cold therapy that is one of the physical natural healing methods. Heat is extracted from the body in a cold chamber that has been cooled down to a temperature of minus 110 ° C. Immediately after the cold bath, the normal body temperature of just under 37 ° C is restored.

The alternating temperatures helps the organism either to dampen or to stimulate certain processes. In addition, the body's own energy consumption increases and fat burning is increased.

It has also been medically proven to have anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic effects. All inflammatory, degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis can be positively influenced. The healing process of traumatic injuries (torn muscle fibers or herniated discs) is also accelerated. In addition, the immune system is stimulated and the body's defenses are strengthened. In competitive sports, cryotherapy has been used successfully for a long time to improve the oxygen-binding capacity of the blood. In the end, a significant increase in performance and endurance is achieved.

„The Kubitzer Bodden Residence offers cryotherapy exclusively in the region.“