PLEASE NOTE: Our luxury apartments can only be booked for adults aged 18 and over. Please note our seasonal times. A warm welcome!

Dear guests,

In accordance with our philosophy, we are a child-free luxury resort / residential complex only for adults aged 18 and over.

Be warmly welcomed and feel completely at home with us!

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Our philosophy

Holidays for adults / Adults-only holidays
on Kubitzer Bodden near the Baltic Sea on Rügen

We have embossed our very own definition for the term "Luxury":
Luxury - that is luxurious, sophisticated enjoyment of time in the “being” of time (holiday time), surrounded by a closed, high-quality designed and equipped facility, in complete privacy, perception in the enjoyment of the fully sovereign, reserved service and the services for the VIP guest (e.g. sauna, fitness, wellness, naturopath, riding lessons, pool, fireplace lounge etc.), carried by serenity, calm and infinite vastness."

The fresh Baltic breeze in your nose, rolling meadows and pastures around you and a satisfied wheeze from the background. It feels like every single cell in the body is satisfied. You don't need to worry about anything and still everything is there. You can confidently put aside all responsibility and concentrate only on yourself and your significant other. Adult holiday, or adults only holiday, is a very well thought-out concept that focuses precisely on its target group.

This well-designed concept of the Adult Only holiday gives you a real break in which you can say goodbye to everyday life and enjoy to the full what our "island on the island" has to offer. Oh yes, because people keep asking us:

Adults-only vacation at the Kubitzer Bodden residence is a form of exclusivity - not directed against the young, but rather designed in the interests of our guests!

We are neither "child haters", nor do those come on a holiday with us. But there are moments in life when adults stay to themselves and only want to be responsible for themselves. The Kubitzer Bodden Residenz is for precisely these moments. Adults enjoy relaxation is the motto.

Guests with the desire for a relaxing atmosphere will find with us at the residence the possibility to experience their holiday time completely in the here and now.


Gallop along the beach on a fiery horse and feel the great freedom. How long have you been dreaming about it? Probably long enough to make that dream come true. Because this holiday for adults takes you to a magical place in the middle of untouched nature. The Western Pomerania Lagoon Area National Park is in the immediate vicinity and is just waiting to be explored by you and your horse. Your own horse is just as welcome here as you are. We pamper it as lovingly as our own first-class trained Arabian thoroughbreds do for wonderful rides. Spacious boxes, treatments specially tailored to the horse, first-class feed and of course you - your horse may never have seen you so relaxed.

A tender wheeze, smell of hay, contented chewing. At dawn you jumped out of bed to sneak into the stable because you finally wanted to wish your horse “good morning” as the first. A holiday with a horse is simply a dream, especially for horse owners who have their favorites in riding stables.

Like-minded people await you at Residenz Kubitzer Bodden. This not only promises lively conversations, which are not exhausted even in the evening among horse people, but also extensive rides in the diverse landscape of the Baltic Sea.

If you don't bring your own horse, the house's thoroughbred Arabs are available. Mares Farmona and the geldings Prince, Euchary, Patricio, Olber und Abalard carry you safely and smoothly to the most magical spots on the island.

Book a guided picnic ride, learn about natural horsemanship and relax with pleasure in our wonderful wellness oasis after an invigorating day in the saddle.

Experience new sides of your horse-human relationship and let your souls dangle together.

Horses also enjoy their pampering program with us. Housed in airy, lavishly littered outdoor boxes with a window or an adjacent paddock, there is plenty of hay and fresh water from the self-drinking area at your disposal. Of course, your horse's individual needs in terms of feed, litter and pasture use are taken into account and implemented according to your specifications. 24-hour grazing with an open stall is also available. If you have any special requests, please contact us directly.

The Kubitzer Bodden Residence - A holiday for adults full of amenities

In addition to the numerous offers around the topic of horses, the Kubitzer Bodden Residenz RKB offers a lot more to feel right at home on holiday. This is of course not least due to the high quality equipment of our residence and its surroundings. The homely country architecture adapts perfectly to the natural landscape. Sustainability is just as important to us as the holistic approach that we put in front of our relaxation and experience concept. Reside in one of our high-quality apartments on this adults-only holiday and relax to your heart's content.

Our wellness area and sauna area border our fully biological outdoor pool. The game between indoor and outdoor continues in the fireplace lounge with outdoor kitchen. Open fire pits await you in our spacious park with a natural pond, where body and mind are completely in harmony.

In addition to the modern fitness area, you can also use our in-house naturopathic practice. Let yourself be advised and pampered with individual treatments in the areas of health, nutrition, fasting, fitness or anti-aging.

„We also have cryotherapy, in which therapeutic effects are achieved using cold stimuli.“

Let us pamper you from the very first moment. On arrival you will find a fresh bottle of water in your room. You can also use the provided bathrobes for your stay in our wellness area. On request, we change towels and bed linen. You can also borrow rain clothings from us. Another special service from our company: We bring back your riding boots high gloss polished, you just need to leave them in the drying area of the stable. If you have been out on the e-bike, we will clean and charge it as well.

Sporty and active on an adults-only holiday

Yoga Streching

On Rügen, and especially in the Kubitzer Bodden Residenz, you will find extensive sports offers. Stand up paddling, surfing and kite surfing are particularly popular on the Baltic Sea beach. In addition to the surfing and sailing school, there is also a motorboat rental in the port of Altefähr.

You can also rent bicycles and e-bikes in the residence's fun park. Individual training awaits you in our fitness zone, which our professional sports therapist can tailor to your needs. Highly functional exercises based on the anti-glycolytic training system strengthen your body with special “Hammer Strength Ground Based” fitness equipment.

In the vicinity you can expect further sporting challenges and relaxing hours of sunshine in the spacious bathing area. The famous seaside resorts Sellin and Binz are only half an hour away.

All you have to do is book your AO dream vacation.