PLEASE NOTE: Our luxury apartments can only be booked for adults aged 18 and over. Please note our seasonal times. A warm welcome!

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In accordance with our philosophy, we are a child-free luxury resort / residential complex only for adults aged 18 and over.

Be warmly welcomed and feel completely at home with us!

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Experience fitness and sauna

In summer and in good weather, nature is the ideal sports studio. Then your training takes place on the surrounding green areas of the facility. Regardless of whether it is outdoors or indoors: the sports groups at the residence are small so that the training effect is as great as possible. But the selection of training options and equipment is even greater.


Train with a trainer

Book a professional sports therapist for your personal training. On the basis of individualized training units, you train in your fitness studio under the guidance of sports therapy - according to your needs. Your personal sports therapist is at your side at all times when performing individual exercises

Take it sporty

Use special "Hammer Strength Ground Based" fitness equipment to train your entire body with just two highly functional exercises based on the push-pull principle. This so-called anti-glycolytic training system takes place on the basis of bioscientific research.

Heavy workout

A kettlebell - English kettlebell - is a training device for free weight training. In the past, it was also called round weight. The kettlebell allows you to perform special exercises that appeal to a large number of muscle groups at the same time. The round ball workout has an effective effect on the whole body and improves strength and endurance in a relatively short time.

At the cutting edge

Cardiovascular training serves to improve cardiac output and increase lung capacity. You train on and on state-of-the-art cardio equipment, which allows pulse-controlled training in a low-intensity steady state, even with pre-existing conditions. High-intensity interval training is also possible for the ambitious athlete. Basically, cardio training promotes general performance, optimizes hormone levels and accelerates fat loss.

Bauch Beine Po
Personal Training


Training according to desire and mood and with measure.

The treadmill and sit-down bike, equipped with HD touchscreen consoles, offer extensive entertainment options during cardio training. Or get on the "UpperCycle GX Ergometer", an upper body trainer on which you train while standing.

Take care of your knees: With the "SPARC Trainer" you can turn your cardio training into high-performance training without putting any strain on the knee joints.

Rely on movement: The ground-base devices »Jammer« and »Squat Lunge« are movement-based and not muscle-based. Train several muscle groups at the same time in order to achieve a comprehensive training for your body and above all to systematically develop your jumping power.

Abdominal training - also good for the back: Leg raises are leg raises. The "Leg Raise" enables optimal back stabilization during abdominal training thanks to its large, spherically shaped backrest.

Fitness an der Ostsee

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Our apartements have a capacity for 4 Guests each. If you want to travel with more than 4 Guests please contact our Service-Team.