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Horses from RKB »Real Characters«

Guided rides, graceful in appearance, gentle in nature...

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Have you always wanted to ride an Arabian thoroughbred? If you know these horses or would like to get to know them, you've come to the right place. During a holiday at the Kubitzer Bodden Residenz, you have the unique opportunity to explore the beautiful lagoon landscape from the back of an Arabian thoroughbred.

On well-trained horses you roam the most beautiful landscapes, gallop over lush meadows and wade through the shallow water of the Bodden.

The guided rides take place in small groups with no more than four riders. Optional single rides are also possible. In this case, you choose the duration and pace of the ride yourself. Feel the wind in your hair and the feeling of freedom in your heart. However, do not underestimate the innate temperament of the Arabs - even if the residence horses can be described as extremely relaxed and reliable. Basically: Trail rides are only for advanced riders with trail riding experience.

  • Mare FARMONA

    • Mutter: Fastella (von Pamir)
    • Vater: Om El Bellissimo
    • Geburt: 25.04.2011
    • Züchter: SK Janów Podlaski

    Farmona is characterized by her spirited yet balanced character. She ran victorious in horse races at a young age. A very hard-working mare with a loving character, who, thanks to her life experience, is also available to insecure riders with great sovereignty.

  • Gelding PRINCE

    • Mutter: Palatina (von QR Marc)
    • Vater: Eden C (US)
    • Geburt: 15.05.2017
    • Züchter: PPH „Parys“ Spólka

    Prince is a very balanced horse for his age. The pretty gelding is a picture of an Arabian thoroughbred and reflects all the positive traits that are attributed to the breed in its interior.

  • Gelding EUCHARY

    • Mutter: Eugara
    • Vater: Ascot DD (BE)
    • Geburt: 10.02.2016
    • Züchter: SK Janów Podlaski

    Euchary impresses with its special expression and combines the attractive presence of an Arabian thoroughbred. Easy gaits and a healthy temperament give the rider an unforgettable riding experience.

  • Gelding PATRICIO

    • Mutter: Abaya
    • Vater: Peteria
    • Geburt: 19.04.2017
    • Züchter: SK Janów Podlaski

    Patricio as a black horse combines elegance with light-footed grace. Patricio is characterized by his gentle nature and is an alert gelding. He gives every rider relaxed hoursin the saddle and when he is challenged, confidently presents his passion.

  • Gelding APLAUS

    • Mutter: Alhasa
    • Vater: Ascot DD (BE)
    • Geburt: 09.03.2017
    • Züchter: SK Janów Podlaski

    Powerful elegance and sportiness characterize the movements of Aplaus. The long hangings flow over the neck and face. His appearance is loving and a gentle look with alert eyes gives confidence. Aplaus is balanced in its nature. In the terrain under the saddle, he reacts curiously and attentively. Like Pikiet, Aplaus descends from the famous ASCOT stallion.

  • Gelding OLBER

    • Mutter: Oria
    • Vater: Borsalino K (BR)
    • Geburt: 10.04.2016
    • Züchter: SK Janów Podlaski

    Big, curious eyes in an expressive face, mane and forelock like a Berber, a color scheme that is undistinguished, a friendly greeting - that's Olber. In addition to its harmony, Olber is characterized by its particularly soft gaits and transitions between the gaits. Olber moves under his rider in a light and bearing manner and does not allow the passion of the Arabian thoroughbreds to be lacking. Olber is a joy for every rider and with a height of 1.63 m he’s also very suitable for taller guests.

  • Gelding PIKIET

    • Mutter: PIA (US)
    • Vater: Ascot DD (BE)
    • Geburt: 06.03.2017
    • Züchter: SK Janów Podlaski

    Pikiet, one of the most beautiful of our foxes, loves to move in terrain. Sure-footed and with enormous diligence, Pikiet gives his rider unforgettable hours in the saddle. Pikiet wants to be challenged and likes to switch between flying gaits. It is a special riding experience for every well-practiced rider, which Pikiet gives.