PLEASE NOTE: Our luxury apartments can only be booked for adults aged 18 and over. We offer 2 suites, where dogs are allowed exclusively. A warm welcome!

Dear guests,

In accordance with our philosophy, we are a child-free luxury resort / residential complex only for adults aged 18 and over. Dogs are only included in suite 7 and 12 exclusively in our demanding concept.

Be warmly welcomed and feel completely at home with us!

Further details can be found under the menu item: Residence

Welcome to the barbecue!

Our fireplace lounge with outdoor kitchen not only offers protection from the sun and wind, but we use it in many ways. All guests can simply linger here during the day on the comfortable outdoor sofas and have us bring them a delicious drink. In the evening, if you wish, the fire bowl burns, you can be warmed by the flames and enjoy with nice conversation how nature slowly comes to rest. Regularly our fireplace lounge is transformed into an event location and we organize barbecues or whisky & gin tastings and information evenings, for example about cryotherapy or the Arabian horse.