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Western riding on Rügen

Western riding on Rügen

You won't find smoking guns and narrow-lipped crooks with us. But there are gorgeous beaches for enjoyable gallops when western riding on the Baltic Sea - with and without sunset. The almost untouched national park with its rare inhabitants of animal and vegetable nature, which we cross on our rides, is ultimately also a more impressive backdrop than a silting ghost town somewhere in nowhere in North America. However, cowboys and Indians have one thing in common with us: their love for horses and everything related to them.

Western riding on Rügen also goes hand in hand with a good deal of serenity, which of course we owe to a large extent to our wonderful horses. Smooth, gentle and sure-footed, as our Arabian thoroughbreds are, they give their riders unforgettable moments full of harmony and beauty.

Western riding on the Baltic Sea - the Residenz makes it possible

When Farmona, Avali or Patricio lift their quivering nostrils into the wind, their riders also inhale the fresh, energizing sea air. Our spirited Arabs are very balanced and also used to getting to know guest horses. That is why many of our regular guests bring their own horses with them on vacation. For the relationship between man and horse, such a shared experience is of course hard to beat. Getting to know new things and enjoying them in company with like-minded people creates a wonderful basis of trust between you and your sensitive darling. Of course, in every little detail, we ensure that our animal guests also feel completely at ease.

Horse people among themselves understand each other immediately. Problems and peculiarities of horses are always a topic and fill interesting conversations, not only during western riding on Rügen, during western riding lessons or in the evening in the RKB's rider lounge. During this holiday you also have the opportunity to draw on the experience of our trainers and coaches. Deepen your self-awareness and perfect your body language in individual or group lessons in order to refine and relive communication with your horse. Also, take a look at the fine work done with Thoroughbred Arabs at demonstrations and shows. Our gray mare Farmona, for example, was a star on the racecourse as a young horse and now lovingly takes care of anxious riders. With his fiery temperament, the chestnut gelding Euchary is especially popular with advanced riders, our gentle black horse Patricio loves working under the saddle. Western riding on Rügen is quite diverse.

Unsere Aussenbox Weidenhaltung

Get an idea of ​​the happiness on earth

The horses of the residence are not only gentle and sensitive, well trained and easy to ride, they are also beautiful to look at. The energetic elegance of the Arabian thoroughbreds has been proverbial for millennia. The knowledgeable person already recognizes your intelligence and willingness to cooperate by the gaze of the large, gentle eyes, the trembling of the distended nostrils and the attentive play of the ears. The photographer captures these moments of beauty and captures them for eternity. Try the special experience of a photo shoot with horse, beach and sea in the background. Professional pictures with you and your own horse are of course just as feasible as fantastic presentations with our aesthetic Arabs. Your snapshots with your mobile phone will certainly also impress when you send home scenic highlights, the waving mane while galloping on the beach or pictures of the delicious picnic while western riding on Rügen.

Guided day rides to untouched natural sites

Don't miss out on one of our guided rides for western riding on the Baltic Sea. As in the old days, you will traverse untouched landscapes and easily trot along long paths. The natural setting that surrounds you and your horse is surprising, lively and a little different every day. Keep your eyes open, because there is a lot to see: sea eagles and other birds of prey, wild geese, cranes and countless other bird species live here like in paradise. Strolling through the woods, with a little luck, you can see mouflons, deer, foxes or wild boars, which feel much more relaxed when the horses are present than when they encounter bicycles or pedestrians. You can communicate better from animal to animal. The island's moors and wet meadows are also home to agile frogs, mussel crabs and protected amphibians. If you look closely, you will see a lot while western riding on Rügen.

VIP Ausritt Standritt

If horses could book a holiday

You would definitely come to Rügen for western riding. Undulating pastures in endless expanses, fine sandy beaches, sea and lagoon land our "island on the island" has to offer equids who love to move. Spacious boxes and well-tended paddocks, but also natural accommodation in the open stable - there are no limits to individuality. Generous litter, water from the self-drinking system and first-class hay are part of our basic equipment. Of course, we are also happy to cater to special feeding needs. Please talk to us about your specific requirements. It is also possible to accommodate your horse in our horse pension for longer periods of time if you want to commute between work and relaxation but want to save your horse from having to move frequently. Do you want to expand your equestrian skills? Recognized trainers are available for natural horsemanship and western riding lessons by arrangement. Ideal conditions for your progress await you in the covered round pen and on the well-tended riding arena. Please also find out about promising therapeutic measures for humans and horses, such as cryotherapy.

What holidaymakers at the Residenz can expect besides western riding

Our regular guests like to refer to the Residenz Kubitzer Bodden as an island within an island. Our well-tended oasis actually looks like a world of its own in the midst of untouched nature. The floods of the Baltic Sea are practically on the doorstep, the Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft National Park extends in the immediate vicinity and lush meadows and pastures ripple around our residence.

The cozy country architecture of our house houses 20 high-quality apartments, the luxurious furnishings of which you will enjoy: From the fresh bottle of water that awaits you on arrival to fluffy bathrobes and of course room service, everything is included. You are also welcomed to have your riding boots polished by us. If it is stormy weather, we will be happy to provide you with rain clothings. If you prefer to be warm and cozy, relax in our fireplace lounge or let yourself be pampered on your wellness holiday on Rügen with the attached naturopathic practice.

Fitness, wellness and sport

Even when the horse has a break, there are a variety of sports available to you. Training in small groups or individually with a sports therapist or personal trainer is particularly popular. Let your training program be tailored to your needs and try out the latest fitness equipment and highly functional anti-glycolytic units based on the latest bioscientific findings. Steel your muscles with the Kettelbell and optimize your heart and circulation on state-of-the-art cardio equipment. Take your laps through our fully biological outdoor pool, experience wonderful campfire moments at one of the open fire pits. Or you can explore what else there is to do in the area. E-bikes and bike rentals make wonderful tours of discovery possible. The fun park awaits you and of course the beach, where you can surf, kite surf and stand up paddling.

Naturopathic practice in the Residenz

We are particularly proud of our in-house naturopathic practice, which pampers you with various fasting cures, vitamin therapies and applications of micronutrient medicine. Weight reduction is just as important as anti-aging and detoxification. Unique on the island is cryotherapy, a physical naturopathic treatment that relies on cold therapy and temperature changes. Inflammatory or even degenerative diseases such as arthrosis or traumatic injuries to muscles and intervertebral discs can be treated successfully.

Horse lovers naturally pay attention here, because cryotherapy can achieve great effects on both humans and horses. This method from competitive sports also serves to bind oxygen to the blood and increase performance and endurance. The immune system is activated and optimized and has a defensive effect on various diseases of our time.

Adventurer heart, what more could you want?

Not everyone is a horse man or comes to the Baltic Sea for western riding. If, for example, your significant other would rather spend the time in the saddle of a bicycle or e-bike, our fun park has a huge selection of perfectly maintained vehicles to offer. Offered tours lead on suitable routes through the beautiful landscape of the island of Rügen. One of your excursions should definitely take you to the nearby village of Rambin. Located between Stralsund and Bergen, our village has grown considerably. Grabitz, where our Kubitzer-Bodden Residenz is in a wonderful, secluded location, also belongs to Rambin. The center of this typical village from the Middle Ages can be easily reached in two kilometers. Quaint restaurants await you there, which will serve you real Rügen cuisine, such as stew, mustard or coal stew.

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