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In accordance with our philosophy, we are a child-free luxury resort / residential complex only for adults aged 18 and over.

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Adventure World Horse

Exceptionary offfers for human and horse

Urlaub mit Pferd auf Rügen

Experience guided rides on Arabian thoroughbreds. Linger in the middle of nature with a picnic with a horse. Experience “Arabian thoroughbreds” in breeding and show events. Relax in the private equestrian lounge. Enjoy 15 hectares of extensive paddock fields.

Treat your horse to the full pampering program - all-round care guaranteed: boxes for guest horses, paddocks, meadows and riding arena.

Ausritt an der Ostsee Urlaub mit Pferd an der Ostsee

Country and tasty »Day ride with picnic«

• 4-5 hour ride

• Including section on / in the water

• Pure luxury picnic: from champagne and regional specialties to fresh salads, we have everything ready for the ride; Look forward to a special "table set yourself" in an unforgettable place

Land und Lecker Ausflug Tagesritt mit Picknick

Note: Only bookable with riding experience.

Enjoy a day ride on Arabian thoroughbred from the Kubitzer Bodden Residenz. Come with me on a little journey into another time and feel like you have been transported to an earlier era. The path leads over hill and dale, through impassable terrain and along remote field paths to the water.

Then enjoy the rest with a luxurious residence picnic.

A picture of a horse »Photoshooting«

• Free choice of horse, optionally two horses

• An outfit can be provided

• Various locations in the vicinity of the Kubitzer Bodden Residenz

(Excursions on Rügen as an option)

• At least 80 watermarked images to choose from

• 5 edited images

Tip: This offer is not only aimed at riders. Even if you had none or only little contact with horses, you can book a photo shoot with a horse. The horse you are photographed with will be professionally looked after. You don't have to worry about anything. Upon request, the residence can provide you with a suitable outfit for the shoot. Riding pictures are of course also possible for experienced riders.

Elegant, spirited and yet utterly gentle: Arabian horses are special in every way. Let yourself be staged with these graceful creatures. With a fine head, large expressive eyes and a high tail, these horses have a noble appearance that comes into its own in professional photos. Hardly any other horse breed shows a stronger presence.

Learning in harmony:

Would you like to get to know your horse better or rediscover it? Then put yourself in the care of the experienced trainers and coaches at the residence. In a relaxed holiday atmosphere you will get to know your horse (and your horse you) in a completely new way. You will see your four-legged partner differently and you will learn to understand their body language and personality better.

Expand your knowledge, round off your skills and feel the emotions between horse and rider in Natural Horsmenship.

Working together with you and your horse is the focus of the coaching. Task and goal of the joint work: The creation of a human-horse harmony in a relaxed holiday atmosphere. In addition, as a guest of the residence and participant in the coaching seminars, you will receive special insights into working with Arabian thoroughbreds. Here, too, gentle training and horse-related, socially competent handling are central principles and guarantors of a harmonious human-horse partnership.

• Duration of a coaching seminar: arrival Thursday from 3:00 pm - departure Sunday until 12:00 noon

• Participants are limited: Max. 6 participants with horse

• Your accommodation: In one of our luxury apartments

• For your horse: box with adjoining exercise area and box-own web cam coaching

• Seminar individual coaching

• Group and individual coaching: 4/2 hours for each participant

Guided rides:

The Arabian thoroughbred, graceful in appearance, gentle in nature ...

Have you always wanted to ride an Arabian thoroughbred? If you know these horses or would like to get to know them, you've come to the right place. During a holiday at the Kubitzer Bodden Residenz, you have the unique opportunity to explore the beautiful lagoon landscape from the back of Arab horses.

On well-trained horses you roam the most beautiful landscapes, gallop over lush meadows and wade through the shallow water of the Bodden.

The guided rides take place in small groups with no more than three participants. Optional single rides are also possible. In this case, you choose the duration and pace of the ride yourself. Feel the wind in your hair and the feeling of freedom in your heart. However, do not underestimate the innate temperament of the Arabs - even if the residence horses can be described as extremely relaxed and reliable. Basically: Trail rides are only for advanced riders with trail riding experience.

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