PLEASE NOTE: Our luxury apartments can only be booked for adults aged 18 and over. We offer 2 suites, where dogs are allowed exclusively. A warm welcome!

Dear guests,

In accordance with our philosophy, we are a child-free luxury resort / residential complex only for adults aged 18 and over. Dogs are only included in suite 7 and 12 exclusively in our demanding concept.

Be warmly welcomed and feel completely at home with us!

Further details can be found under the menu item: Residence

Creative painting trip to Rügen

With us, guests can also arrive just for an art course or simply try out their creativity once in a while. Horst Ludwig has been painting since his earliest youth and accompanies all those interested in drawing and painting in the most diverse places: in the residence studio "Kleckshäuschen" under the large, old willows, on the meadow, at the paddocks, even in the horse stable or at the riding arena. He guides experienced in all techniques, the materials needed for this are of course provided by the RKB.